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Acmevac offer 100% oil-free Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps/Compressors. They can be used either as vacuum pumps or oil-free compressors and are designed for delivery of uncontaminated air, gases or va pours. They are suitable for producing oil-free compressed air or vacuum.

Diaphragm type - hence no rubbing of parts and negligible wear & tear
Practically maintenance free.
No lubrication required, hence oil - free
Low operational cost of equipment. This results from the modest cost for replacement of diaphragm and valves.

Heads are made of aluminum alloy castings
Diaphragms are made of neoprene rubber or other elastomers depending on applications
Specially designed motors in single - phase and three-phase constructions
Pumps are mounted on rubber pads for silent, vibration-free running
Due to compact design, these pumps are ideal for laboratories and original equipment manufacturers
Compact, light-in-weight, hence portable

Pollution Monitoring Equipment, Chemical Analyzers, Laminating press, Material Handling Equipment, Labeling Machines, Plastic Welding Machines, Gas Welding Machines, Soldering iron, Agitation of Chemicals in Tanks, Aeration.

Model Free Air
Vacuum Pressure
SD-15 15 litres/min 22" HG 25 psi 1/20 175x110x150
SD-20 20 litres/min 22" HG 25 psi 1/16 220x110x150
ASD-30 40 litres/min 27" HG 30 psi 1/8 200x125x200
2SD-30 30 litres/min 22" HG 30 psi 1/4 300x130x200
2SD-50 50 litres/min 22" HG 30 psi 1/4 300x130x200
SD-45-FM 45 litres/min 22" HG 30 psi 1/4 400x150x220
* Flame - Proof, battery operated and special models to suit customers specific requirement are also available
Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
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Consists of a minipump driven by a d.c. Motor working on a 6 volt rechargeable battery. These work continuously for upto 10 hours between charging. If required, the air sampler can be used, while charging by 220 VAC mains supply. The screw arrangement allows variation of flowrates between 0.5 and 3.0 litres/ minutes. A flowmeter is mounted on the face of the box.

Pulsation dampers are internally fitted on the inlet and outlet gas circuit to smoothen the air flow. The pump unit is fitted into a M.S. Case of compact size. The sampler unit can be kept on a flat surface for stability at the breathing zone level of the worker to take TWA - TLV (8 hour) measurements. The air sampler is supplied with battery charger in a carrying case.

1. Threshold limit valves - statutory requirements
By sampling the breathing air, the short term exposure limit can be determined. Otherwise using the sampler for an 8 hour shift the TWA - TLV value can be ascertained for the contaminant.
2. Dusts, Fumes, Mists
For collection of toxic dusts e.g. arsenic, cadmium, beryllium, carbon black, cobalt, copper, lead, manganese, nickel rhodium, silver or tin, the use of a filter is the simplest. Many oxides or metal fumes, produced by casting, welding or burning, may be collected on a filter for analysis.
3. Gases, Vapours and Solvents
Using the sampler, a convenient collecting method is by adsorption tubes or detector tubes suitable to the gases & vapours to be analysed or for deadsorbtion for chromatograph analysis of the adsorbent. Also for adsorption into a liquid contained in a bubbler for chemical analysis.

Rating : 10 hours after full charge.
Flow Variation : 0.5 to 3.0 litres/minute.
Power : Rechargeable 6V Battery.
Recharging : On 220V AC mains supply.
Range : 0-3.5 1/m with 0.5 litre graduation
Size : 110 X 70 X 125 mm
Weight : 1.4 kg. approx.
Indicators :  Power On, Low Battery, Charging
Standard Accessories :  Charger & carrying case.
Filter Holder :  For 25 mm dia paper disc.

Filter Paper : For dry dusts 100 nos X 25mm disc per box. (Whatman GF/A type)

*Since improvements are made from time to time dimensions & specifications are subject to change without prior notice