In case single Vacuum pumps (liquid ring pumps, rotary vane pumps) are not suited for a certain process due to their pumping speed and / or their ultimate vacuum, a combination with twin lobe pumps can be used.

These Vacuum Pumping Units consist of rotary vane pump twin lobe pumps as fore-pump and rotary vane pump or liquid ring pump as backing pump. The fore-pump picks up oil necessary for its lubrication from the backing pump. The exhaust from the fore - pump is connected to the suction side of the backing pump thereby giving advantage of high pumping speed at higher vacuum. These units are highly energy efficient and consume less power than conventional single vacuum pumps.


These pumping units are of compact design and mounted on base frames ready for use. They are tailor - made and are offered to suit user's requirements.


Evaporative Concentration, Vacuum Distillation, Polymerization, Crystallization, Vacuum Impregnation, Vacuum Drying, Sterilization, Vacuum Cooling, Object Metallising, Roll Metalllisation, semi-conductor Processing, Manufacture of Vacuum & Microwave Tubes, Manufacture of GLS Automotive& Miniature Lamps, Tube Light Production, Sintering, Brazing, Electron Beam Welding, Heat Treatment Ionic Nit riding, Tool Coating, Vacuum Casting, Degassing & Refining, Plasma Welding, Evaporation, Sputtering, Space Research and Development Applications.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners