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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
Series LVN
Series LV (OP)


These are rotary sliding vane, oil lubricated, belt driven type and find applications in printing, labeling, vacuum forming, filling and sealing machines. Pumps are compact, light weight and can be placed inside original equipment.




Both ball bearings are located on drive end of the rotor shaft and are housed in one end cover which has foundation holes for fitting on base plate. On removal of six bolts, the other end cover along with the stator comes apart exposing rotor and vanes for servicing.
The grease filled bearings are separated from other parts with oil seals thus preventing contact with sucked in media.
The oil from exhaust is baffled and re-circulated, thus eliminating oil drops being thrown out from exhaust nozzle.
Model LV 150 has a built-in-suction filter an oil re-circulation system which enables the baffled oil to return to oil cup.
Both the models are V-belt driven to give following advantages :-
Vibration-free running , Displacement variation possible by changing pulley ratio , can be located conveniently inside equipment.

Model FAD Displacement Liters/Min Vacuum Hg Pressure PSI Motor H. P.
LV-75N 75 28" 10 0.25
LV-150N 150 28" 10 0.25
LV-300/OEM 300 300 26" 10 1.0

These pumps are rotary sliding vane, oil lubricated and directly coupled to three phase 1440 RPM A. C. motor, both mounted on a study base plate. These pumps are designed to give vacuum and pressure at the same time and eliminates the need for two separate units, one or vacuum and one for pressure. These pumps are specially designed for printing and packaging machines.

Specially treated steel vanes ensures silent running and negligible wear on stator and rotor slots.
Unique lubrication system positively feeds minimum quantity of oil to all important points. Oil from the exhaust is baffled, collected and returned back to oil chamber. Incoming air passes through fine filter in case in suction box before entering pump
Regulation of vacuum and pressure can be done precisely.
Complete unit with motor is compact and vibration free hence suitable for mounting inside any equipment.

Model FAD Displacement Liters/Min Vacuum Pressure Atm Motor H. P.
LV-500 (OP) 500 70% 0.7 2
LV-1000 (OP) 1000 70% 0.7 3
LV-1500 (OP) 1500 70% 0.7 5
AVP - 60 1000 70% 0.7 3
AVP - 90 1500 70% 0.7 5
Note :- All above models can be modified to work as vacuum pumps only and will developed vacuum of 80 percent.